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Galea Insurance Brokers Ltd. © All Rights Reserved.

Galea Insurance Brokers Limited C- 12858 is licensed to carry out the business of insurance broking and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. 

Complaints Procedure
Galea Insurance Brokers is committed to provide the highest possible level of professional service to its clients.  If however, the client is not satisfied with the level of service provided we have devised a procedure as to how such complaints can be managed.

A complaint is a statement of dissatisfaction addressed to the company by a client or third party relating to the service he/she has been provided with. 

A complainant is a person who is presumed to be eligible to have a complaint considered by the company, including but not limited to a client, a policyholder, insured person, beneficiary or injured third party, which would have already lodged a complaint. 

How do we deal with your complaint?

We treat complaints with a positive attitude as we recognise that a complaint may highlight specific shortcomings in our service which merit improvement in our services or procedures.  Accordingly, if you feel that we have failed to deliver in our promise to provide an excellent service please tell us.

How do you lodge a complaint?

You should first approach the person or the department who manages your business and inform them of the source of your problem or concern, as they may be best placed to assist you and solve your problem immediately.

If your concern cannot be resolved immediately we will take note and register your concern and resolve to refer back to you with feedback within two days.

Should you still remain unsatisfied, you should put your complaint in writing, addressed to the Complaints Manager, giving details of your concern and how you feel it should be resolved.  You may get in touch with us at: 

Ms Rosanne Galea

Complaints Manager

Galea Insurance Brokers

6 Triq L-Imhazen



00356 21235880 / 00356 21 221371

We strive to do everything to ensure that you receive the best possible service. However, if you wish to make a complaint about our service you may do so by contacting any of our employees by whatever means is convenient to you. Alternatively, you can direct your complaint to our Complaints Officer at the address set out at the beginning of this Agreement. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing with immediate effect and give you our response to your complaint at this time if we can. If our investigation takes longer, we will usually provide you with a full written response within 15 working days of the acknowledgement. If the investigation takes longer than 15 days we shall inform you about the causes of the delay and provide an indication as to when the investigation is likely to be completed.

If you are not happy with the response to your complaint and are an eligible complainant you have the rights to refer your complaint to the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services established under the Arbiter for Financial Services Act (Cap.555) 1st Floor, St. Calcedonius Square, Floriana FRN 1530, Malta, or on 80072366 or 21249245.

Should you still not be satisfied with the response and manner we have handled your complaint, you may contact the Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services. 

Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services

First Floor

St Calcedonius Square

Floriana FRN1530


Telephone: 8007 2366 or 21249245
E-mail: complaint.info@financialarbiter.org.mt 
Website: www.financialarbiter.org.mt

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