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Galea Insurance Brokers Limited C- 12858 is licensed to carry out the business of insurance broking and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. 

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Galea Insurance Brokers Ltd. © All Rights Reserved.

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Contact Us:   21235880 or  21 221371

How to claim?

Please ensure that all the relevant sections of the claim form are fully completed.  Failure to do so may result in claims payment being delayed.
Claims for specialist consultations and any diagnostic procedures must be on the initial recommendation of your General Practitioner, except for consultations/treatment given by: Gynaecologists, Paediatricians, Ophthalmologists.

Pre-Authorisation of claims:

The Policy requires that you contact our office prior to undergoing Day-Case or In-Patient Treatment. This will enable us to guide you regarding the eligibility of claims and extent of cover and, where possible, settle claims directly with the hospital concerned. CT and MRI scans may also be eligible for direct settlement, so it is advisable that you contact us prior to undergoing such Treatment too.

The procedure for pre-authorisation is as follows:

Please send a fully completed and signed Claim Form supported by all relevant medical documentation to our office, preferably by e-mail addressed to
Upon receipt of the requisite claim documents, we will contact you with our request for any further documentation, if necessary, or our confirmation of cover.
In case of an emergency situation or anything to do with claims you may contact us on 21 235880
Always enclose the ORIGINAL receipts – photocopies and credit card vouchers/statements are not acceptable
For cash benefit for In-patient or day-case treatment, we need an original case summary (you obtain this from the hospital)
In order to claim for the Maternity Cash benefit, the following procedure is to be followed:  A claim form is to be submitted, within three months from birth, by the person applying for cover.  Part 1 to be completed with the details of the insured, while in Part 2 the following note is to be inserted “claiming for Maternity cash benefit”.
Newborn children can be added to their parent’s policy as long as they apply for cover within the first three months from birth and an original birth certificate is forwarded to Galea Insurance Brokers.  Cover will be free up till the parent’s next renewal date.
Claims will only be considered for payment if all documentation is submitted within three months from the date of treatment

The best prices on the island

Health Insurance for visa purposes are also available. Documents provided on the same day

Galea Insurance Brokers offers various medical insurance plans.

Cover includes:

  • Hospital accommodation

  • Theatre and recovery room fees

  • Surgeons' and anaesthetists fees including pre and post-operative consultations

  • Physicians' charges

  • Parent and baby accommodation. Charges for one parent staying with a child member under 16

  • Cash benefit for free in-patient treatment (psychiatric illness excluded)

  • Psychiatric illness (pre-authorisation required)

  • Oncology related charges including CT and MRI scan specialist fees, tests and drugs

  • In-patient non-oncology related CT and MRI scanning (specialist referral required)

  • Out-patient non-oncology related CT and MRI scanning (specialist referral required)

  • Ambulance transport

  • International emergency medical assistance

  • Outpatient surgical procedures

  • General practitioner fees

  • Prescription drugs and dressings charges

  • GP charges for minor surgery approved by the insurer

  • Specialist consultations, GP secondary treatment, diagnostics and physiotherapy

  • Chiropractic, acupuncture, homoeopathic treatment and osteopathy

  • Psychiatry

  • Accidental damage to teeth

  • Nursing at home by special arrangement

Also extensions for:

  • Routine maternity and preventive care

  • Dental plans

There are a number of plans to choose from including:

  • International plans

  • Comprehensive local hospital plans

  • Malta clinic plans

Premiums based on age:

  • Discounts available for company paid groups of 5 or more adult employees

  • Discounts for individual policies payable annually by direct debit with Malta banks

  • Child rates apply to dependent children under 21 years of age only when insured with adult  subscribers

Our service:

  • We provide information about different medical plans available locally

  • We help you fill in the necessary application forms

  • Information about policy wordings

  • Handling of insurance claims

  • A truly personalised service

​​Contact Us:

Galea Insurance Brokers

Official address:

6 Triq L-Imhazen Floriana Malta

Phone: 21 235880 - Main Line, 21 225884 - Office of the Managing Director,
99493588 - For Emergencies